Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is extremely important when traveling abroad, or coming to the United States. Many people chose to purchase travel insurance because most insurance companies chose not to cover clients when they leave the country where their insurance policy originates due to the high costs. For that reason, it is always important for any traveler to purchase travel insurance before their trip to avoid any unforeseen emergencies.

The risks of not having Travel Insurance

If you do not purchase travel insurance before your trip, you may be forced to navigate the following circumstances alone:

  • an unexpected illness or injury while traveling
  • hospitalization
  • your wallet and passport are stolen
  • emergency medical evacuation back to your home country
  • Your baggage is lost during a flight
  • your trip is interrupted due to a natural disaster
  • There is an accidental death
  • Son or daughter is studying abroad and are involved in an automobile accident
  • an illness/death prevents you from beginning/finishing your trip

With the purchase of travel insurance, the financial obligation of an unforeseen emergency, will be taken care of by your insurance provider.  Therefore, you can worry about the events at hand, instead of adding the additional stress of figuring out where your financial obligations are due.  In many cases, when people have traveled without travel insurance, they are forced to pay large upfront fees before they are ever offered services, which can be extremely costly.  Although travel insurance will give travelers peace of mind, there are some limitations.

The limitations of Travel Insurance

  • Most policies last only for 364 days
  • Policies cannot be renewed after 364 days
  • They do not accept clients with pre-existing injuries
  • Policy is non refundable once the traveler enters his time period of coverage

Overall, purchasing travel insurance is a great way to add peace of mind during any unforeseen circumstances while traveling.  Here at BLV Insurance Services, we would love to hear your travel plans and find a travel insurance plan that will best fit your needs.  Please fill out one of the forms in the sidebar, and a representative will reach out to you to discuss your travel insurance needs.