Small Group

The importance of having small group health insurance:

  • Offering small group health insurance helps hire and retain highly skilled workers.
  • Potential employees want to know that they, and their families, will be taken care of.
  • Providing small group health insurance for your employees and their families helps keep employees healthy and allows them to work harder.
  • Costs are shared between the employer and employee. The employee doesn’t have to pay 100% of the cost.

Our Small Group Health Insurance Quote Process

Introductory Call/Meeting

We will set a time up to meet over the phone, or in person, where we find out some information about you and your employees.  Information we will need for us to create a custom quote for you and your employees:

  • How many employees will be on the plan
  • First and last name of each employee, including their dependents,
  • Birthdays of those who will be on the plan
  • Each residential zip codes for each employee

We find a plan that fits all of your Small Group Health Insurance needs

We then will sit down and review various plans, through various insurers in your zip code. Once we identify a plan that fits your companies needs, we will then schedule a time to review our findings with you.

Choose A Plan

Once we have identified your ideal small group health insurance plan, we will then help you fill out an application for health insurance coverage.

Start Receiving Coverage

After you have chosen your small group health insurance plan, and finished your application, your company will then start receiving health insurance the following month.

What you need to qualify for a Small Group Health Insurance policy:

  • An employer must have at least 1, but not more than 50, permanent, active, full-time employees, which excludes spouses and owners, for at least 50 percent of the preceding calendar quarter or preceding calendar year. Employees whose normal work week averages 30 hours, are considered full time.
  • An eligible employee is someone who receives a W-2 and is a not a spouse or an employer.
  • Employers may choose to offer coverage to employees working an average of 30 hours a week or at least 20 hours a week.
  • They cannot be part of another group or have their own insurance.

Coverage requirements for the employer:

  • An employer must offer health plan coverage to 100 percent of its eligible employees. (They don’t have to accept it)
  • All employers must have a workers’ compensation policy unless it is not required by law. Companies based out of state with employees hired in.
  • California must also have a California workers’ compensation policy.
  • The business must not have been formed primarily for the purpose of buying a health plan or insurance coverage.

Documents you will need to provide in order to get a Small Group Health Insurance plan started:

  • DE 9C/payroll for payrolled employee, excluding spouses and owners.
  • California business license or fictitious business name filing.
  • A current jointly filed IRS 1040 form with separate Schedule C forms for husband and wife.