Short Term Health Insurance

Short Term Health Insurance

A short term health insurance plan comes in handy when an individual is between long term health insurance plans.

Why you should apply for Short Term Health Insurance?

  • are between jobs
  • are experiencing a waiting period between new health insurance policies
  • are recently coming off of your parents health insurance policy
  • early retirement waiting for their medicare supplement to kick in
  • have missed open enrollment

Although it is typically easier to go through the application process with short term health insurance, it does come with its limitations.  As a whole, short term health insurance does not provide comprehensive coverage such as preventative care, physicals,  immunizations, dental or vision care.  The main focus for short term health insurance is to take precautions against the possibility of an unforeseen accident or injury during a gap in medical coverage.  The average plan ranges between six-eleven months, which makes it a perfect solution during a transitional stage.  Short term health insurance policies are also a great idea if you have missed open enrollment (November. 1st – January 31st).  Instead of running the risk of being uninsured until the new open enrollment period, you can still have catastrophic coverage that will assist you in case of any unforeseen medical emergencies.

If you know that there might be a chance of experiencing a gap in your medical coverage a short term health insurance plan could be a great option for you.

Reach out to us here at BLV Insurance Services and we will help you chose a plan that will be a perfect fit during your transitional stage!