AHCA Bill pulled before crucial House of Representatives vote.

Mar 27, 2017 (0) comment

paul ryan pulls ahca bill

Last Friday, GOP leadership pulled the AHCA Bill before a vote was taken before the House of Representatives.  A vote that most certainly would not have passed.  Only 20 republicans could vote against the AHCA bill and still have the vote pass. Before the vote was cast, Paul Ryan went to president Trump and informed him that he did not have the votes to pass the bill.  A party so openly opposed to the ACA, Republicans were not able to come together and offer a solid solution to the ACA that met the needs of all Republican representatives.

Why was Paul Ryan unable to get the AHCA Bill passed through a Republican controlled house?

One group, the Freedom Caucus, stood in Ryan’s way with securing enough votes.  Although Ryan tried to make accommodations for the Freedom Caucus in the bill, the majority were still not supportive of it passage.  In hopes of alluring more Freedom Caucus hardliners, Ryan included eliminating the “essential health benefits” clause.  Essential Benefits include services such as emergency-room visits and hospital stays, access to mental health coverage, maternity, preventative care and prescription drug coverage.  However, eliminating essential benefits caused more moderate republicans to abandon the bill’s passage.  The Freedom Caucus was a pivotal group Paul Ryan needed, and will need in the future, to pass the bill on to the Senate. 

Who is the Freedom Caucus?

The Freedom Caucus is a group of three dozen men whose membership is not made public.  Here is a list of known Freedom Caucus’ current members. Created two years ago, they make up a very hardline group of republicans whose opposition was responsible for John Boehner resignation as the speaker of the house. 

The future of the AHCA

Now that Paul Ryan pulled the AHCA out of the vote, House Republicans will be forced to regroup and re-engineer the AHCA to be more appealing to both Moderate Republicans and the Freedom Caucus.  Trump and Ryan gave no definitive timeline for the bill’s restructure and it’s next vote.

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